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Residential students are charged for their meal memberships with their room and board fees to Brenau University.  The meal membership you end the Fall semester with will renew to start the Spring semester.  But, this plan does not renew to the Summer or next Fall semesters. 

Residential students are automatically assigned to the Any 19 Plus Membership at the beginning of the school year. You have the opportunity to change to the 14 or 10 meal membership during the first 2 weeks of each semester. 
  • The Any 19 Plus Membership

    • 19 meals per week
    • $205 Flex Bucks
  • The Any 14 Plus Membership

    • 14 meals per week
    • $275 Flex Bucks
  • The Any 10 Plus Membership

    • 10 meals per week
    • $340 Flex Bucks
    • Included in room and board
  • Flex Bucks


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